The Berkeley has been treading its own path for more than 100 years. From here, midway between fashionable Knightsbridge and neighbourly Belgravia, we’re still taking style, comfort and service to inspiring new levels. There’s nowhere quite like it. And that’s the way we love it.

Stunning rooms by the brightest minds in the design world. Intuitive service that always seems one step ahead. From the moment you walk in, the hotel begins to work its magic. With many guests returning year after year, it’s a spell that’s hard to break.

The Berkeley would love to surprise you, but there’s so much about the rooms and suites we just have to share. From the bold, innovative design and Italian marble bathrooms, to individually selected artworks and ‘touch me’ fabrics, The Berkeley is the epitome of modern luxury. There’s even more to look forward to in our signature suites. Champagne welcomes, fresh flowers and… Well, you’ll have to wait and see. Whichever luxury room or suite you choose, you can count on your stay in Knightsbridge to be one you’ll want to last forever.


Duncans Of London